Birds for Sale in California

Panama Amazon

Ara Aviaries California, CA We Ship

Baby Panama Amazon’s. This amazon is in the yellow head family and are super sweet, great talkers and singers. 4000.00 shipped or 3900 pickups.

$3,900.00 Quick View


Missy's Birds, CA - No Shipping

Hand feeding 3..... Lutino Pastel Face is a F.. White Face Normal and Pearl are M..... Ready around first of Aug... Must be fed diet weaned on... Seed...

$300.00 Each Quick View


Toucan Jungle, CA We Ship

Keel Billed Toucan , Babies being hand fed now. First picture taken 6/16/21 Babies can be visited at Toucan Jungle office in North San Diego County wi...

$4,500.00 Quick View

Greater Vasa

WestBranchAviary, CA We Ship

Vasa parrots are incredible birds, and rival the intelligence of African Grey Parrots. Ours are incredibly affectionate, yet curious and outgoing. W...

$4,000.00 Each Quick View

Red Sided Eclectus

WestBranchAviary, CA We Ship

Red-sided Eclectus baby, starting to feather in and we are thinking it’s going to be a male. Accepting deposits now to reserve

$4,000.00 Each Quick View

Lilac Crown Amazon

WestBranchAviary, CA We Ship

We only have one baby from this pair. We are accepting deposits to reserve now!

$3,000.00 Each Quick View

Red Head Amazon

WestBranchAviary, CA We Ship

We pulled these cuties for handfeeding and are taking deposits now to reserve!

$3,000.00 Each Quick View


Ginos exiotic birds, CA We Ship

I have three proven pairs of breeding parakeets I want to sell them all together as a colony $300 for all 6

$300.00 Quick View


Ginos exiotic birds, CA We Ship

I have some beautiful males and females 2021 canaries there's a few gloucester's in there there's a total of 9 canaries the price for them is a hundre...

$900.00 Quick View

Moluccan Cockatoo

Ginos exiotic birds, CA We Ship

I have a female moluccan cockatoo she is approximately 4 years old very tame very sweet very loving he's very quiet and good with everybody

$5,000.00 Quick View

Lesser Sulpher Crested Cockatoo

Ginos exiotic birds, CA We Ship

I have a male Triton sulphur-crested cockatoo semi team he would be great for a breeder he's about six years old

$3,000.00 Quick View

Bare Eye Cockatoo

WestBranchAviary, CA We Ship

These two little ones are learning to eat on their own now, but are still looking for awesome homes. Both are super sweet and starting to talk.

$3,500.00 Each Quick View

Birds for Sale in California