Panama Amazons for Sale

Panama Amazon

Ara Aviaries California, CA We Ship

We have three baby yellow headed Amazons (panamas) this subspecies is very sweet talks well and less cranky than other types of yellow heads. Best way...

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Panama Amazon

Brightwood Aviary, GA We Ship

I am waiting on the sexing results on three baby Panamas.All are banded and sexed. I have one 8 week old that is from the first hatch and she is read...

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Panama Amazon

Big Birds Aviary, GA We Ship

First image is of father . 1500 can place $500 deposit. 2 babies available. I will DNA I a few weeks. 5-31-2018 and 6-2-2018 Hatch dates. Panamas ...

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Panama Amazons for Sale

Common Names

Panama Amazon, Panama yellow-headed amazon

Scientific Name

Amazona ochrocephala panamensis