Lories and Lorikeets for Sale

Rainbow Lories

Dally Aviary , NC We Ship

Handfed baby rainbow lorikeet almost weaned

$2,000.00 Quick View New

Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet

Blessing's Lory Food, CA We Ship

Yellow Fallow male with split yellow fallow hen. Hen is 2 years male is 5 years old. Perfect feather both hand raised. $2500.00 for the pair. We ship ...

$2,500.00 Quick View

Rainbow Lories

Dallas Parrots Aviary, Inc, TX We Ship

Our baby Rainbow Lorikeet is sweet natured, vibrantly brilliant and playful. Baby Lorikeet is like a young puppy who loves to play with their human co...

$2,450.00 Quick View

Swainsons Lories

NuriLory Aviary, TX We Ship

We have several clutches/babies hatching! Hand fed, socialized & tame! This is Australia’s native rainbow lorikeet species AKA “swainsons lorikeet” or...

$1,250.00 Quick View

Iris Lorikeet

BirdWalk, OH - No Shipping

Fun, goofy, and always ready to play- the Iris Lorikeet is a delightful companion.

$850.00 Each Quick View

Rainbow Lories

BirdWalk, OH - No Shipping

One of the most stunning and beautiful companion birds available today. Their dramatic appearance and wonderful temperament make them a popular compa...

$1,440.00 Each Quick View

Lories and Lorikeets for Sale