Amazons for Sale

Orange Wing Amazon

Lone Palm Aviary, FL We Ship

3 Orange Winged Amazon babies available. Ready to come home when weaned.

$1,600.00 Each Quick View New

Double Yellow Head Amazon

Irena's Aviary, AL We Ship

babies hatched and growing, I ask for 20% deposit on those talented talkers, to hold till waning

$2,300.00 Quick View New

Yellow Crowned Amazon

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic , NJ We Ship

Three Yellow Crown Amazon babies available now! These guys are SUPER friendly and always grow up to be amazing talkers! Thank you for taking the time ...

$2,695.00 Each Quick View

Orange Wing Amazon

Susan's Parrot Place, MI We Ship

2 babies available $1500 each

$1,500.00 Quick View

Panama Amazon

Brightwood Aviary, GA We Ship

I've just taken 3-Panama babies for hand-feeding. Calm, Healthy, Banded and socialized at every opportunity when they are old enough.. They will be w...

$1,200.00 Quick View

Double Yellow Head Amazon

Morning Glory Birds LLC, NY We Ship

Sweet babies being hand fed at this time, will wean into pellets, fruits and veggies. Handled and socialized daily. Shipping available through Delta ...

$2,300.00 Quick View

Red Lored Amazon

Birds By Joe LLC, NJ We Ship

On 3 feedings per day. Once weaned shipping is available at buyers cost and weather permitting.

$3,400.00 Quick View

Lilac Crown Amazon

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic , NJ We Ship

Lilac Crown babies have arrived! (photo of previous baby) Lilacs are great pets and love to be with their human companion. Thank you for taking the t...

$2,195.00 Each Quick View

Red Lored Amazon

Love 4 Parrots, PA We Ship

This beautiful amazon is available. Loves to talk and is perfectly content lounging on his play stand with tons of toys all day long. Enjoys his head ...

$1,900.00 Quick View

Yellow Naped Amazon


Yellow naped amazon baby

$1,900.00 Quick View

Yellow Shouldered Amazon

Brenda's Parrot Place, MI We Ship

Very sweet Yellow Shoulder Amazon Female. Yellow Shoulder Amazons are a smaller Amazon with a much quiter voice, they are not loud but love to chatter...

$1,450.00 Each Quick View

Yellow Naped Amazon

The Feather Farm, CA We Ship

beautiful hand fed baby, taking deposits now, not weaned yet. please call for more info

$2,500.00 Quick View

Amazons for Sale