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Fancy Wingz

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Small Aviary specializing in handfed, spoiled babies. Work in Veterinary Field, so I only raise a few at a time to provide lots of attention. Specializing in spoiled rotten babies in Crimson Belly Conures, Greencheek Conures- Dilutes, Hi Red, Turquoise, Yellowside and Cinnamon Mutations. Bourkes- Rosey ( Opaline), Fallows, Rubino, and Lutino. Pairs occassionally available. Experienced shipper- Only on Airlines.

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Amy Ginley


Arlington, TX 76016


  • Black Cap Conure
  • Green Cheek Conure
  • Crimson Bellied Conure


  • Bourke Parakeet
  • Grass Scarlet Chested (Splendid) Parakeet
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Crimson Belly Conure- Adult
Bourke parakeets in Rosey( Opaline) Rubino, Lutino, Fallows, etc. Sometimes pairs available.
Dilute Hi Red Yellowside Greencheek Conures- all DNA sexed.
Opaline Rosey Bourkes- with blues, yellows and pink
Turquoise Greencheek- Adult
Scarlet Chested Parakeet- Normal male
Baby Dilute Red Yellowside Greencheeks being handfed.
Baby Crimson Belly, with Baby Dilute Hi Red Greencheek Conures- ready to go to new home
I look like baby Dinosaur- then will blossom into Beauty. Gotta love baby conures.
Baby Turqouise Yellowside being handfed
Left to Right- Turqouise Yellowside, Dilute Hi Red Yellowside, Hi Red Yellowside, and Turqouise- all baby greencheeks from 2 clutches. The Rainbow.
Handfed baby loves playing on his back.
Bourke Parakeet- Rosey Fallow, also called pinks
Rosey- rainbow bourke
Black Cap Conure
Rosey Bourke- Deep pink
Greencheek Baby- Turqouise Yellowside
2 babies getting ready for new home. Dilute Hi Red Yellowside Greencheeks- pure greencheeks with WOW color.
Crimson Belly Conures playtime
Dilute Hi Red Yellowside Greencheek Conure babies getting ready for new home.
rosey fallow baby
rosey bourke baby
Pure Greencheeks with amazing colors
Pure Greencheeks with amazing colors
Rare Opaline mutation of black cap conures. Voren is named after Howard Voren who discovered opaline mutation in pure black caps
Rare Color mutation- pure greencheek with the phenotype- Dilute Yellowside Cinnamon Greencheek
They start out a ugly ducklings, but grow up beautiful. Starting handfeeding when young makes them super bonded to people
Dilute Hi Red Yellowside Greencheek- Rare Color combo
Rosey Fallow, and Gray Scarlet Chested
Normal or Wild Type bourke
Handfeeding babies- lil dudes dont even have their pin feathers. This is what makes them so tame
Handfeeding babies- lil dudes dont even have their pin feathers. This is what makes them so tame
Growing up. :)