Breeder Pretty Exotic Birds LLC FL, US
Bird ID 205059
Price $2,500.00
Shipping $250.00
Total Available
  • 1 Male
  • 1 Female
Age Hatched
Posted 9/25/2023

Beautiful female eclectus available, still handfeeding. 2500$ at this age, unweaned and still handfeeding, 3000$ once weaned, 10% deposit required Pretty Exotic Birds, LLC FWC licensed (352) 356-5236 Facebook

Shipping possible once weaned, $250 thru Delta - same day delivery to airport, $100 thru USPS - next day delivery to home
We warrant our birds are free of illness and defects. When shipping, birds are insured for live arrival. Buyer has three days to have the bird examined by a certified avian vet.

Pretty Exotic Birds LLC

Dade City, FL