Breeder Little Loves Parrotlets SC, US
Bird ID 184309
Price $350.00 Each
Total Available
  • 4 Unsexed
Age Born
Posted 7/28/2020

Pacific Parrotlets available soon! We have a wide variety of pacific parrotlets including newer mutations such as dark factor and new bloodlines imported from out of the country. Parrotlets are a small bird with the brains and attitude of a large parrot, so they make great pets for people who don't have the space or noise tolerance for larger birds! They are very smart and can even learn tricks and a few words and mimic sounds. We have some of the highest quality parrotlets in the country, bred according to genetics, health, and size instead of for color which has resulted in healthier well bred birds who are not undersized and who live longer than color/random bred birds. At the moment we have a blue or turquoise pied baby, cobalt, turquoise, blue, or dark turquoise, and some teeny babies that could be any variation of blue and turquoise. Our babies are from $250- $1200+ depending on the mutation.

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