Breeder Fancy Wingz TX, US
Bird ID 180396
Price $125.00
Shipping $165.00
Total Available
  • 2 Unsexed
  • 2 Male
  • 1 Female
Age Born
Posted 11/21/2019

Rosey and Lutino Bourke babies with lots of bright blue on rump available. Also have Rosey with lots of blue, yellows ( aka Rainbows) Rosey Fallows (aka Pinks). Occassionally Rubino and Lutinos. eed Parakeet/Finch Seed, Spray Millet, Zupreem Pellets. Fresh veggies, homemade Birdie Bread. I work in Veterinary field, and make sure my birds have great diet for health. Email if you would like more pictures. Shipping available via Airlines only.charge actual flight cost $165 plus new custom crate $30 Shipping includes new custom crate. Experienced shipper. They are wonderful lil birds with an amazing song. Email if you would like more pictures. Prices depend on colors from Rosey= 125, Rainbow 150, Fallow 175 Lutino-200.

Shipping via Delta Airlines. Actual Flight cost- $165, plus $30 for new custom crate. Sorry, No USPS due to safety and temperature issues.

Fancy Wingz

Arlington, TX