Breeder Fancy Wingz TX, US
Bird ID 177254
Price $450.00
Shipping $165.00
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  • 2 Male
Age Born
Posted 6/6/2019
Ready 6/27/2019

Handfed Baby Black Capped Conures. All male babies can produce Opaline ( Voren) color- Rare color mutation. If interested in breeding in future these boys will give you Opaline babies. * See photo album for pics of Opaline (Voren) Awesome colors. All babies will be DNA sexed, fully weaned and super sweet. Handfed, and raised in house with pets, TV, house noises. All babies will be DNA Sexed. Fully weaned on Rice/Beans/Veggies/Fruits, Higgins Safflower Gold, Zupreem pellets. I let babies wean on their own pace, so they may be 6/27 or a little later depending on baby. Health is most important. Disease tested parents, and closed aviary. I am a Veterinary Technician, and am very picky about my babies. Spoiled, Super tame, only raise a- few babies at a time. Black Capped Conures are very cuddly, thick body conure- one of the quietest of the conures. Babies from last year are starting to talk. Deposit will hold baby. Please let me know if you have any questions. Shipping available via Delta includes new crate. Accepting deposits to hold babies. Love this bright color, and super social babies. Go to work daily at get handled by coworkers so very confident outgoing babies. I only raise a few at a time.

Shipping via Delta Airlines. Actual Flight cost- $165, plus $30 for new custom crate. Sorry, No USPS due to safety and temperature issues.

Fancy Wingz

Arlington, TX