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Breeder Todd Marcus Birds Exotic
Delran, NJ, US
Bird ID 171691
Price $2,395.00 Each
Total Available 2
Age Weaned
Posted 9/12/2018
Ready 9/12/2018

2 big DYH Amazon babies available now! Great talkers and super friendly! Check this handsome guy out! He is bursting with color and his personality is not far behind! Camelot Macaws are known for their outstanding color and vibrant personalities. They are a hybrid macaw consisting of 75% scarlet & 25% Blue and Gold.

We ship via Delta Cargo. DASH shippments are preferred. Shipping starts at $200.00 depending on kennel size.
We offer a 6 month genetic health warranty on all weaned baby birds. The bird must be taken to an Avian/Exotics vet within 72 hours of arrival/pick up. All Vet appts. and services are the customers responsibility.

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic

Delran, NJ