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Breeder Hyacinth Macaws Paradise
Santa Clara, CA, US
Bird ID 144778
Price $13,500.00 N/A
Total Available 4
Age Born
Posted 9/16/2017
Hatched 8/2/2017

I have 4 baby hyacinth macaws that have just been hatched in august and 2 more that are due the end of September. they will be sexed soon and include a Vet check along with being banded, chipped, sexed and guaranteed very large and healthy baby. The mother and father are extremely well cared for and very clean and healthy..

All Hyacinths Have been Vet Checked And Sexed along with being chipped and Come with A One Week warrenty to have the Bird Vet Checked by your Vet.

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Hyacinth Macaws Paradise

Santa Clara, CA