Breeder Toucan Jungle CA, US
Bird ID 210862
Price $23,500.00
Shipping $200.00
US except AK, HI
Total Available
  • 1 Male
  • 2 Female
Age Hatched
Posted 6/8/2024
Ready 6/8/2024

Hyacinth Macaws aka: The puppy of the bird world... AWESOME BIRDS !!! I have a pair and two single hens available. Really looking for local buyers but will consider shipping if the right home and set up for them. Approx. 23.5K each Pair showing signs of wanting to breed Lots of Typical Awesome Hyacinth Macaw personalities,!!! Last month she sat in the nest for 40 days. When she was done I didn't see any eggs but they may be buried. I don't want to disturb their nest with my human intrusion. I only enter "their room" twice a day so I let them be birds. They don't like me visiting them disturbing their natural Hyacinth Macaw behaviors. Their inside cage at the moment is 9' x 8 x 8' They talk and chatter way more then they scream which is usually only a short spurt in the evening. WAY BETTER LOOKING THEN PICTURE SHOWS. Big Beautiful pair >>>>> SUPER bonded Loving Pair <<<<<. Male is VERY protective of his hen. presently kept inside. They LOVE to be showered on nice sunny days.. Can be seen "by appointment only" in North San Diego County approx. Pair approx. 10 years old ( picture's taken 06/08/23) >>>>>>>> Must see in person, WAY BETTER looking in person I also may have an adult Tame hen available this week, email or call for details. ( With Huge Stainless steel night cage if local )

shipping airport to airport , 48 states, Delta Red eye flights out of San Diego airport

Toucan Jungle

Vista, CA