Breeder Big Birds Aviary GA, US
Bird ID 206131
Price $2,600.00
Total Available
  • 2 Male
  • 1 Female
Age Hatched
Posted 12/8/2023
Hatched 11/22/2023
Ready 2/9/2024

Accepting deposits of $500 on 3 pure Solomon Island Eclectus babies with Hatch dates Nov23 female, Nov24 male and Nov 27th male. I need to update these photos because everyone has feathers now. Youngest two males available. Eldest Female has deposit placed to hold for owner. All should be ready to head home by Valentines Day. My oarrots are weaned onto Zupreem dye free pellets softened, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Should be weaned mid to late December. Eclectus are very good talkers, not too noisy, and drop your jaw gorgeous. They stay sweet even after sexual maturity. Many people with allergies are not allergic to eclectus. They have an intelligent nature and obtain vocabularies rivaling African Greys. Shipping delta $280 Other image is parents. Please contact me to place a deposit to hold one for you.

Shipping WE SHIP TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY...THE COST OF SHIPPING VARIES DEPENDING ON WHERE THE BIRD IS BEING SHIPPED TO PLUS THE SIZE OF BIRD AFFECTS THE SIZE OF CARRIER NEEDED. THE MINIMAL COSTS ARE around 280 for shipping plus going rate is at the vet for a health check. ($157 FOR THE FLIGHT $55 COURRIER FEES 3 hr drive to and from airport, whatever the vet is charging for health check to fly AND $65 FOR AN AIRLINE APPROVED CARRIER)

Big Birds Aviary

Warner Robins, GA