Breeder Feathered Nest CA, US
Bird ID 205876
Price $4,000.00
Shipping $250.00
Total Available
  • 1 Female
Age Hatched
Posted 11/20/2023
Hatched 5/11/2023

Possible split to blue Yellow-naped amazon DNA tested female. Weaned and talking up a storm. "I can talk. Can you fly?", "I love you", "Good girl", and so much more. Weaned to a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and sprouts. Organic Topps pellets. Water bottle trained and fully fledged. Starting recall training. Raised in my kitchen around two standard poodles, vacuums and the usual kitchen bustle. Amusing, interactive and a delight to be around. Sales tax in California. More photos and videos available upon request.

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Feathered Nest

Northern CA, CA