Breeder Macaw Land Miami FL, US
Bird ID 203047
Price $499.00 Each
Shipping $99.00
Total Available
  • 1 Male
  • 1 Female
Age Hatched
Posted 6/6/2023

Parents showed in pictures, we have sun conures ready to be delivered. DONT WAIT give us a call or text message for additional info on how to proceed, we'll gladly take you through the process!! Dna and health certificate available for 49.99 each!!

It's a low shipping standard that takes up to 2 days for fulfillments and arrives same day to your airport
We offer a disease check certificate against a variety of diseases that are the most common in birds plus we offer a life warranty which means we guarantee that the bird will arrive alive at your place, otherwise we will offer a refund or another replacement if possible!! Disclaimer: for any certificates we offer an additional cost of $50 will be charged, otherwise the certificates won't be available. This does not apply for the life warranty which it's always effective unless any damage or fault relies on the customer and not us...

Macaw Land Miami

Miami, FL