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Posted 11/30/2022

Rare HCC Catalina Second-GenX Macaw baby available @ 5650. The Second-GenX HCC Catalina Macaws from ParrotDaddy are highly sought after for their spectacular extra colors and huge size. Click on the photo to increase the size and see the amazing colors. We raise are some of the largest Catalina Macaws in the industry. Macaws in the US have an average weight of 950 grams. Our Catalina's average a whopping 1250 to 1500 grams. They also have great head colors, which you don't see in a normal Catalina. Our Catalina's are super sweet and make great pets. If you're looking for top-quality and mentorship, we have a support group that's lots of fun. Our Macaws are used by many Free flyers across the US. These babies have come from a truly closed aviary since 1999. This means they are disease-free and haven't been exposed to possible sick birds from Bird Shows and or at Pet Shops. Call us to find out more. Don't miss this opportunity to own this Rare Macaw. We have only two left for the 2022 season. Follow us on Facebook for more great photos and information. Please note: to contact us you must fill out the form on the site and call for more information. Due to scammers, we do not respond to emails.

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