Breeder Brightwood Aviary GA, US
770 889-0353
Bird ID 189264
Price $550.00
Total Available
  • 1 Unsexed
Age Born
Posted 7/20/2021
Hatched 5/18/2021
Ready 8/10/2021

This is the last baby of the season. hand-friendly and treated as family members . Not sexed. Gold Caps are not noted for their mimicking ability but totally make up for this by being consistently mannered and generally liking all kind people within their home, including children. Very use to dogs. They are ready for bed by 8:00 pm. Weaned onto Zupreem Fruit Blend pelleted diet, but will benefit from healthy fruits and vegetables added. Sorry but we do not use Paypal or credit cards.This baby is fully weaned and allowed to fly. Wing clips depend on your particular circumstances. Call for more information: carmen 770-889-0353

Brightwood Aviary

Dawsonville, GA