Breeder Hyacinth Macaws Paradise CA, US
Bird ID 187364
Price $22,000.00 Each
Total Available
  • 1 Male
Age Born
Posted 3/5/2021
Ready 3/6/2021

Meet Zazu as he is a very healthy Male 6 month macaw that is down to one feeding per day and eats on his own thru out the day and is extremely loving, tame, adores people and in need of a good home.. He has been sexed and had all his blood work done and Vet certified along with being chipped and awaiting his new home.. Please call Phil 408/859-6248 Located in San Jose CA

All Hyacinths Have been Vet Checked And Sexed along with being chipped and Come with A One Week warrenty to have the Bird Vet Checked by your Vet.

Hyacinth Macaws Paradise

Santa Clara, CA