Breeder Toucan Jungle CA, US
Bird ID 186723
Price $3,000.00
Shipping $200.00
US except AK, HI
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  • 1 Female
Age Adult
Posted 1/26/2021
Ready 2/16/2021

"Carmen' Adult tame and talking Blue Fronted Amazon Great companion bird , very interactive and entertaining. Super active bird, Talks very clear and often... Fun Fun Fun bird Captive bred hatched 2002 Has had 2 cages & one self standing playpen. One cage a stainless steel one has been outside on a cover porch area which she gets to go on almost everyday with her human friend. Carmen says: Hello, Carmen, Hola, Wanna get a nut, Get another nut, Can you fly?, Oh boy, Can you say Hello?, Beak breath, Hello Pretty girl, That feel good?, Hi Carmen. Good Morning. Laughs... Carmen is working on the following: My name is Carmen, I love you, I am a chicken, Good Morning, Time for bed, I'm a goofy bird. Carmen loves showers with a spray bottle. When putting back in the cage she will go for a kiss before doing so. She will also bath in a large container of water. If local pick-up one of her cages and the playpen can go with her ( no extra cost ). I am selling her stainless steel cage separately. PLEASE NOTE: She is no baby bird, she must be allowed to acclimate to any new environment. She seems to like car rides. Shipping if needed is a flat rate of $200.00 ( Delta Airlines ) Please feel free to call with questions. Thank you, Chris Estep, Toucan Jungle I am screening where she ends up. She desires to be somewhere she gets a lot of attention and friendly input.

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Toucan Jungle

Vista, CA