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Bird ID 185350
Price $950.00
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  • 4 Unsexed
Age Weaned
Posted 10/17/2020

*Jenday Conure Flight Trained* Sweet baby Jenday Conure is 8 weeks old. She loves spending time being playful with us. We are weaning the baby on pallets, fruits and veggies. She's harness trained and flight trained indoors. She will fly to you on whistle. Dallas Parrots is a family owned aviary based out of Irving, Texas. We love playing with our babies throughout the day. As a result, they are super affectionate, well behaved and love being playful. If you're looking for a bird that will bring joy to your day then make an appointment to see our babies. We will give you ample time to gain attachment with the bird before making a decision. We will give you educational session on how to best take care of your bird to ensure they become healthy companion. Flight Trained Jenday: $950 Jenday Conure: $850 We are located in Irving, TX By appointment only.

Dallas Parrots

Irving, TX