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Age Weaned
Posted 8/22/2020
Hatched 1/21/2020
Ready 8/22/2020

Two young quaker parrots for sale. One is female and one male. They are brother and sister and quite bonded to each other. Hand-fed beginning at 2 weeks old. I was working at the time and did not work much on training, but both will sit on my shoulders. The male gives kisses on the cheeks and lips. The female will let me pick her up. They would both respond in short order to “step up.” Both are talking now and says, pretty, pretty, pretty birdie; can I have some kisses; step up; nite-nite; and more. At close to 8 PM, when I turn off a little lamp, they know it is time for bed. I say, Time for nite-nite, birdies. Get in your cage. Then both fly over to their cage and get in. I keep their feathers cut just enough to be able to fly across a small room, but not high up towards the ceiling. A knowledgeable parrot owner is desirable. If you want two parrots that will entertain each other but still remain friendly to you (must spend time with them for this to happen), then both together are great. However, if you want a bird that bonds to you, have just one and you must give it love and attention every day. Each day the bird will need you to preen (skritch) their head and under-beak. Afterall, there is not another bird to do it for them and that task falls to you. Share healthy food with him or her. They love cutup apples, oranges, warmed frozen veggies (corn, peas, carrot combination). Make cornbread with contains veggies and tiny pieces of nuts. Teach it words and phrases. If you have both birds, they will listen carefully if you sing and say a word or phrase with emotion several times over time. Both birds love to play outside of the cage and should receive several hours a day for outside-cage play. The parents are variegated blue, green, yellow. As you can see from the photos, the female is much lighter in color (than the male) with loads of yellow. Both are very healthy and eat “real” food in the morning and smaller amounts of seed mixture after that. Both love canary seed mix with egg found almost anywhere. I like Volkman. $499 each or $849 for the pair. The City of Kalama, Washington is about 30 minutes north of Vancouver, Washington. Depending on where you live, we will entertain the thought of meeting you half way.

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