Breeder Toucan Jungle CA, US
Bird ID 184098
Price $1,500.00
Shipping $200.00
US except AK, HI
Total Available
  • 1 Male
  • 1 Female
Age Weaned
Posted 7/13/2020
Hatched 6/3/2020
Ready 7/12/2020

Trumpeter Hornbill, (Bycanistes bucinator) Just weaned: SWEET "1" male available, $1500.00 & 1 hen $1500.00 3 chicks in this clutch. Can be seen at Toucan Jungle office in North San Diego County by appointment. Trades welcome, We will also BUY your available birds ? WANTED: Congo African Greys, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Palm Cockatoos & Hyacinth Macaws Thank you... Chris Estep, Toucan Jungle ( short video of exact bird can be texted to tel # ) Due to Corona virus shipping if needed is Direct flights only or local sale.

shipping airport to airport , 48 states, Delta Red eye flights out of San Diego airport

Toucan Jungle

Vista, CA