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Price $2,950.00
Shipping $200.00
US except AK, HI
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  • 4 Unsexed
Age Nesting
Posted 3/24/2020
Ready 6/20/2020

>>>>> $2950.00 each <<<<< & flat rate $200.00 for shipping, ( ONLY 4 at this price, Weaned & ready for pick up or shipping Late June or July 2020 ) Yes, this Corona virus issue has made it very hard on us. Retail store CLOSED. But that said our breeder birds don't know about it and are nesting as expected. I am offering just 4 hand fed baby greys to help us get through this tough couple months. Congo African Grey Parrots, hand fed babies. Our babies turn out BIG & Sweet, 100% refundable for any reason on either side. The most in demand bird we breed. Summertime deliveries on the next weaned baby greys, babies pictured are already spoken for. >> We have multiple pairs in the nest now <<. babies are pulled for hand feeding from 3 to 5 weeks old depending on the pair and how many babies are in the nest. 3 & 4 chicks in the nest are pulled at an earlier age. We feed our adults very well and a very private single species breeding area. Pictures and short videos are sent to customers upon request or weekly as they grow. Babies can be shipped Delta Airlines or picked up at our office in North San Diego County. No, we have no desire to sell wholesale clutches of babies. We do not DNA sex the babies unless upon requested. It is usually very easy to sex the babies by color, shape & personality. Babies are very socialized and hand fed in our Antique & Collectable store so they are used to seeing strange things and stranger people... Thank you........ Chris Estep / Toucan Jungle / Breed, Buy, Sell, Trade since 1978 our bird availability list is changed daily on our website. >>>>> If considering a hand fed grey please email for a baby bird care sheet...<<<< Due to demand and cost of feeding prices are going up again after March this year... Questions: Call or better email. Working hours 5:00 am - 5:00 pm Our adults "breeding pairs" are all pre owned pets slowly introduced to each other, all disease tested ( IQbirdtesting ) pre pairing. All our greys are bred inside in controlled environment in large flights and fed only the BEST available diet

shipping airport to airport , 48 states, Delta Red eye flights out of San Diego airport

Toucan Jungle

Vista, CA