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Bird ID 180415
Price $2,500.00 Each
Total Available
  • 1 Male
Age Weaned
Posted 11/22/2019
Hatched 9/8/2019
Ready 11/11/2019

Very Rare Lutino Dusky-Headed Conure $2500 I'm one of the very few who breeds this rare Lutino Dusky-Headed Conure Into my 3rd year now and finally had the success of one visual offspring From egg incubation to day one hatch hand feeding around the clock every two hours Hatch date 9-8-2019 9:10am I do have the hatch video plus daily to weekly dairy with photo's I will ship Delta Pet Safe In USA Free no extra cost. Any questions message me. Note I do have a unrelated female available if you want a pair $5000 I have many reference numbers from California to Florida from known avian breeders to avian vet's and happy clients. Update : 11/1/2019 DNA Blood results came back Male Baby Is now in weaning cage 11/11/2019 Baby is now weaned and ready for it's new home.

Two week health warranty

Parrots R N

Yucaipa , CA