Vancouver, WA, US
Bird ID 179181
Price $550.99 Each
Total Available
  • 10 Unsexed
Age Weaned
Posted 9/10/2019
Ready 9/16/2019

We Safely Ship Nationwide! *Visit *Email - *Call us - 1.877.527.5656 * Conure - Pineapple Green-Cheeked * FREE SHIPPING FEES, VET CERTIFIED, AND A LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE!

FREE Shipping - We Ship Safely Nationwide! We use a patented safety travel box that’s climate controlled, comfortable, and meets the bird's nutritional needs! OUR BIRDS ARE VET CERTIFIED WITH A LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE AND AN OPTIONAL EXTENDED WARRANTY!
We include a Live Arrival Guarantee! We also offer an optional 60 Day Extended Warranty. We take great pride in shipping healthy and active birds to our customers. If a bird has perished upon arrival, you will be provided a Finch Farm Credit for the amount paid on the perished bird. The credit (coupon code) can be used for a future purchase of anything on our website. If you choose to replace a perished bird any shipping costs, including travel boxes necessary to ship live birds, are solely the responsibility of the customer. To honor our guarantee, we require notification, in writing, within 24 hours of receipt, along with a picture of the perished bird sent to We highly recommend that anti-biotics be on hand before your birds arrive. If any of the birds are tucking their head, sleeping all day, fluffed up and/or lethargic, anti-biotics as their only water source should be provided immediately. If you have any issues or concerns about your birds, please notify us within 3 hours of receipt of your order.Once birds are in the care of the customer, it is our customer’s responsibility to make sure that the bird(s) have everything they need to thrive in their new environment. Researching your birds before purchasing is always recommended. Be sure to review our Bird Care Instructions to ensure proper bird care that is essential to our Live Arrival Guarantee. WE WILL NOT FOLLOW ANY CLAIM AFTER 24 HOURS.

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