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Posted 5/28/2019

Luminary Parrots! Turquoise Yellow-sided Green-cheeked Conure Baby - DNA Male - Sale! $600 Free Shipping! To make way for Summer/Fall Large Species Babies. Click on the pict to see all of them. Handfed, Personality Plus Parrot Babies. Super Tame, Highly Socialized, Flighted Baby Parrots raised around family, for lifelong benevolent homes. Meet for Pickup or Personalized Delivery (for a fee) in the Vancouver/Seattle/Portland Areas of Washington & Oregon. We ship to select airports when temperatures are OK. Lifetime Support. Personalized, Attentive Service. More info and picts and videos at, @luminaryparrots on Instagram and Facebook

*Free Shipping* On Spring Babies! Continental US Only Limited Time Only! Other babies shipping $200 includes insurance and really nice reusable parrot carrier. We prefer local pick-up and to make local deliveries in the Seattle/Portland/Vancouver area, but will ship to select US Airports if the temperature is acceptable. Our parrots do very well being shipped. We have never had a problem in all of our decades of shipping. Delta is currently charging $165 and up, depending upon the size of parrot baby and insurance. We ship in a reusable, customized airline approved shipping crate. Cost varies upon size.
We guarantee our birds against Avian Disease and Genetic Defects based upon the results of an Avian Veterinarian report within 72 hours of arrival. We are not responsible for Veterinarian charges.

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