Breeder Alexandrine Aviary IL, US
Bird ID 176008
Price $250.00 Each
Shipping $200.00
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  • 4 Male
  • 4 Female
Age Weaned
Posted 4/11/2019
Hatched 6/15/2019
Ready 8/20/2019

Handfed Baby Parrotlets !!They have the personality of a “large bird in a small bird’s body, Pacific Parrotlets are not noisy birds, making them great for people living in apartments. They will repeat words and simple phrases A spacious wide cage with 1/4 inch bar spacing is ideal. These are active birds that need their play space and plenty of toys to keep them busy. Parrotlets should have a pellet-based diet supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as some seed. They also need a calcium source, such as cuttlebone. You might have to dice up their fruit so they can sink their tiny beaks into it . Males and females make equally good companions depending on the individual. Companionability has much less to do with gender than it does with handling and socialization. Hand-fed parrotlets are very friendly. $250 each Our Certified Avian veterinarian is Dr. Scott McDonald and Dr. Peter S. Sakas If you have any questions , feel free to give us a call! We would love to speak with you!! Alexandrine Aviary (224)386-5954 Schaumburg, illinois

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