coupeville, WA, US
Bird ID 175061
Price $1,100.00
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  • 5 Unsexed
Age Born
Posted 2/28/2019
Hatched 4/12/2019

These amazing little birds are like having a 4 year old they love to play ball and hope around. They love to sleep in a blanket at night they roll themselves up like a burrito they come in 2 colors one is black head they are a bit less in cost and then the white bellied. I also have mutations which are a cross between the both... Prices start at 975.00 and 1275. for white bellied the mutations are 1100. All babies are raised in our home from 10 days on... I do ship using delta or alaska air I do take paypal.. call me for more information

we have a choice depending on where you live what is the best flight . Most babies are shipped in 100 crates .. so shipping can run 179.00 up to 210.00 if it is a larger bird it may need a bigger crate thus shipping is additonal


coupeville, WA