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Breeder Quest Haven Pets
Escondido, CA, US
760 591-3111
Bird ID 174139
Price $2,700.00 Each
Total Available -3
Age Weaned
Posted 1/13/2019

Tame, young african grey parrot. One female and two male babies left. These babies are very sweet, they love to cuddle together, and are already making some entertaining sounds and talking. These guys know how to step up, fly to the arm on command, and target what I point to. Their diet consists of sprouts, veggies, fruits, seeds and pellets. For them to develop their full potential they have a huge aviary to learn how to fly and navigate well. This is very important for brain development, muscle tone, heart health, lungs, etc. The cost is 2700. for one and 4800. for two. If you are not familiar with how to keep fully flighted pet birds you can order the brief but to the point book available on Amazon: A Guide To Owning Fully Flighted Pet Birds.

Shipping is less than $100.
7 days for a vet check, all funds returned if determined to be unhealthy by vet.

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