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Webster , NY, US
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Posted 1/7/2019

We socialize all our birds and not only give a free avian flight suit which catches their poop, we even start them off on learning to wear it! Our birds become amazing pets because we of the love we give them. We are here for the life of the bird for support as you build your bond or even just for questions. Owning a bird is a rewarding experience and we want to be your partner in your avian adventure. Pick an Exotic Pet Birds inc. pet and you will have a friend for life. Call us at 585-347-6594 to learn more about our birds and or to get some good tips on picking the right bird for you. We are more than just specialists in aviculture- we want to be your resource for your feathered friend.

We ship via United Airlines pet safe program regularly. We also use delta airlines when necessary

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Exotic Pet Birds Inc

Webster , NY