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Breeder Sissy's bird colony LLC
Aylett, VA, US
Bird ID 171189
Price $2,030.00 Each
Total Available 1
Sex F
Age Born
Posted 8/21/2018
Hatched 4/30/2018
Ready 8/28/2018

Only one left. This beautiful Harlequin Macaw Female is the sweetest bird. She's still being hand fed. Will eat a variety of different fresh foods along with pellets some seeds and different nuts. I wouldn't think it would be too much longer before she's weaned. She loves to have her head, chest, under her wings anywhere you can pet her she's happy. I've been working with her since she was 3 weeks old. I will rub my face against hers and kiss her on her beak. As long as she gets attention she's happy. Very spoiled. She steps up go gentle too. The bird was DNA tested and you will receive a certificate with the results on it.

An estimated price on Shipping with Delta and new carrier is about $200. Price of bird is not included in that price. This is the fastest shipping method.

Sissy's bird colony LLC

Aylett, VA