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Breeder Brightwood Aviary
Dawsonville, GA, US
770 889-0353
Bird ID 169569
Price $400.00 Each
Total Available 2
Sex F
Age Born
Posted 6/18/2018
Hatched 7/9/2018
Ready 10/1/2018

Total smush-pots of affection. A little bigger than the Sun Conure and all the same sweet disposition. These conures thrive with handling and become very devoted to their trusted people. Playful to the extreme, they love swings, huts, bungie-spirals and floor toys. A great bird for young families with caring and gentle children. We encourage owners to allow them flight fun as it keeps them physically healthy and mentally secure to be able to leave a prospective threat. A person should try hard to not spoil them into noise machines. Our babies are banded.

We ship with Delta to achieve as many direct flights as possible to lessen the stress of connection flights. The $200 fee for small and medium crates, properly outfitted to airline specifications, along with the cargo airfare to Delta-supported receiving airports. Photo ID required for pickup. Weather conditions are always an important consideration.

Brightwood Aviary

Dawsonville, GA