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Breeder H Luis
Miami, FL, US
239 200 5090
Bird ID 169492
Price $290.00 Each
Total Available 6
Age Weaned
Posted 6/13/2018

We are NOT scammers. We have been here on this site for years. Plus we have a lot of good reviews at: (69+) - confirmable!!!. Green Quakers - Super Sweet - Only $290. We offer HAND FEEDING until ur baby is weaned at NO extra charge. U do not have to pay in full but payment but just a modest good faith deposit for us to HOLD and FINISH HAND FEEDING UR BABY(s). NO ONE OFFERS THIS!!! NO EXTRA CHARGE.!!! We are NOT SCAMMERS. See / read our excellent 67+ different buyers / names plus 67+ different cellular numbers for 2018. Payment accepted by Bank Wire Transfer - Bank Electronic Payment - Bank Direct Deposit - Personal Check - Cashiers Check, NO business checks, Venmo and our Preference POSTAL MONEY ORDER - the seller needs to accept personally with proper ID and I (seller) can cash it right there at the Postal Office. Cash if picking up at Sellers site. The Quakers Breeding Season Has Begone Other baby colors available. OUR BABY QUAKERS ARE VERY TAME and VERY SWEET. We will also be happy to work out a reasonable payment plan. No one else offers payment plans. We will not ask for any payment(s) from u until u have received and approved the detailed and complete invoice we will sent u!!!. We are the only Avian Breeder that offers the following: with a 50% good faith deposit will guarantee we will get u ur requested Banded baby, age, color, weaned or unweaned, DNA for sex determination and Health Guaranteed. And we HAND FEED them until they are fully weaned at NO EXTRA CHARGE.!!! Only for the low price of $390 for a quality Baby as per aforesaid. We ship anywhere in the US for only $150 plus we give u a FREE shipping box. Thank u so much God bless All. Humberto Luis Our Mailing Address: 3801 SW 117 Avenue Miami, FL. 33265 Please we prefer text or call 239 200 5090

We ship any where in the US for only $125. We ship quickly if u so required.

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H Luis

Miami, FL