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Breeder Merrick's Parrots
Dundee, OR, US
408 464-6125
Bird ID 154815
Price $3,800.00 Pair
Total Available 1
Age Born
Posted 1/3/2018
Ready 1/2/2018

We have a male Ruby macaw that is paired with a female Scarlet macaw. They picked one another after a spider bit the Scarlet's male mate! They have frequented the nest box & quarrel like they've been married as long as I have! They coo & love & quarrel as well. Only been together a short time. Female is proven! The Ruby male is the most beautiful macaw I've ever witnessed, he's handsome! Scarlet's are on the C.I.T.I.E.S. Endangered Species List! We are retiring, time to travel & pass on breeding to younger humans as it takes a great deal of energy to care for these parrots properly! Serious Inquiries Only please! Call Renee 408 464-6125 We have 14 pair of parrots, call to inquire, thank you!

We will be glad to ship parrots at the buyers expense. Carrier for parrots must be airline approved. :)
We give a 7 day take your new parrot to the vet for you to run blood work & other tests you deem pertinent! We highly recommend you have an Avian Veterinarian that you work with prior to purchasing your life long companion!

Merrick's Parrots

Dundee, OR