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Breeder Hyacinth Macaws Paradise
Santa Clara, CA, US
Bird ID 141804
Price $13,500.00 N/A
Total Available 4
Age Born
Posted 8/17/2017
Hatched 8/17/2017
Ready 1/25/2018

Hyacinth macaw, we have 4 total baby's as they are beginning to hatch. My proven pair have very healthy baby's. They will all be vet checked, banded, chipped and sexed with all documentation to back it it. Birds will be released when they are weaned or down to the last feeding to A qualified owner. Please call me with any questions 408/859-6248. Thank you, Phil

All Hyacinths Have been Vet Checked And Sexed along with being chipped and Come with A One Week warrenty to have the Bird Vet Checked by your Vet.

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Hyacinth Macaws Paradise

Santa Clara, CA