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Breeder Merrick's Parrots
Dundee, OR, US
408 464-6125
Bird ID 140415
Price $2,800.00 N/A
Total Available 1
Age Born
Posted 7/15/2017
Hatched 11/8/2015
Ready 7/15/2017

One DNA Sexed male Blue Throated macaw that was parent raised for the first three months of his life. We took him out to band him which is a requirement with these birds due to their Critically Endangered Status through C.I.T.I.E.S. I've been told that parent raised BTM will go to nest in half the time a spoon fed baby will. I've never seen this, however. Deposits to hold babies are non-refundable. Please call 408 464-6125, thanks for looking!

We will be glad to ship parrots at the buyers expense. Carrier for parrots must be airline approved. :)
We give a 7 day take your new parrot to the vet for you to run blood work & other tests you deem pertinent! We highly recommend you have an Avian Veterinarian that you work with prior to purchasing your life long companion!

Merrick's Parrots

Dundee, OR