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Posted 6/13/2024

Albino Quaker Baby Price: $599.00 We are a family-owned Aviary that specializes in a variety of exotic parrots. We are focused on providing the highest quality hand-fed babies with the highest level of customer satisfaction. The birds we raise in our family environment are interacted with daily, including children and other birds. This helps develop their personality, build their trust in people, and provide their new owners a wonderful new feathered friend. All of our babies are pulled from mom and dad at 2 weeks old and start to be handfed from there. Our babies come in daily contact with people of all ages, other species of parrots and our family pets. During this time they learn basic flock manners and acceptable social behaviors. our certified avian veterinarian is : Dr. Scott E. McDonald, DVM Avian Laparoscopy Office: (630)654-3580 Cell: (630) 240-2751 All of our parent birds have been given a full panel disease test and we are proud to say we have a healthy disease-free aviary. We also disease test all of our babies at buyers cost and paperwork will be provided. If you have questions regarding this baby or any others that we have available, please give us a call! Feel free to follow us on Instagram @AlexandrineAviaryUSA for more pictures, videos, and information also visit our website at Alexandrine Aviary Providing Lifelong Companions Schaumburg Males 0 Females 0

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