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Age Born
Posted 5/14/2022

If you want a bird that is beautiful, super intelligent, playful, and very entertaining, a baby caique may be the pet companion for you. These lively babies pack a lot of fun into a tiny bundle of feathers, which gives them the title of the clowns of the bird world. Our baby Caiques are affectionately Handfed, tamed and harness trained. All our baby Caiques are DNA tested, full panel disease tested, harness trained and very sweet. Our dedicated trainers spend extra time with our baby Caiques to make them very sweet and social. All our baby birds are guaranteed to be healthy and disease free. Dallas Parrots raises exceptional quality birds that make best pet companions. We take our time to help you find the right bird and offer detail training to make you successful pet owner. Dallas Parrots is state of Texas registered, BBB Accredited, Commercial Sponsor of Avian Federation of Aviculture, Member of Chamber of Commerce, 5 Stars rated on Google and Facebook. Checkout our instagram page for more picture and videos

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