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EMR Exotic Bird Breeder, CA We Ship

heavy pied kakariki, can make unrelated prs. have 2016 and 2017 hatched

$250.00 Each Quick View

Australian King Parakeet

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder, CA We Ship

2016 hatched, unrelated, bonded pr

$2,300.00 Pair Quick View

Ringneck Dove, WA We Ship

WE SHIP! - Tangerine Ringneck Doves - FREE SHIPPING FEES! - - 877.527.5656

$26.99 Each Quick View

Rosella Yellow Parakeet

L&L Exotics, CA We Ship

Yellow Rosella male from this years breeding

$500.00 Each Quick View

Celestial (Pacific) Parrotlet


Feb baby parrotlets   1.Mutation  pacific parrotlets ..marble turquoise...turquoise pied ... 2. Spectacle babies hatched and are being handfe...

$350.00 Each Quick View

Swainsons Lories

Morning Glory Birds LLC, NY We Ship

Wonderful, beautiful , sweet, baby Lories Rainbow and Edward available. Smart birds, will learn to mimic speech, playful, amazing personality!! Will w...

$650.00 Quick View

Solomon Island Eclectus

Colorado Cockatoos, CO We Ship

Beautiful and sweet male Solomon Island Eclectus babies, males and females, handfeeding now. Accepting deposits now. $1,400 males, $1,000 females. All...

$1,400.00 Quick View

Mealy Amazon

Green Parrot Superstore, MI We Ship

We have one baby Mealy Amazon left, just weaned and super sweet! Very affectionate and hard to find!! Accepting deposits now to hold. Both are DNA'...

$1,795.00 Each Quick View Just Updated

Solomon Island Eclectus

D and R Aviary, IA We Ship

Eckies hatched super sweet ,tame pets don't delay they go fast . for we do not force feed or wean up to bird base on when around 4 months call Denni...

$1,425.00 Each Quick View

Severe Macaw

Birds By Joe LLC, NJ We Ship

now weaned and ready to go to its new home...

$1,750.00 Each Quick View

Blue Front Amazon

AJ'S Feathered Friends, IL We Ship

Approximately 5 year old blue front Amazon. He was mainly in a basement all of his life and tried to use as a breeder. He had no toys and very litt...

$600.00 Each Quick View

Quaker Parrot

H Luis, FL We Ship

Only 8 weeks Weaned Baby Blue Quakers. VERY TAME and VERY SWEET. Very difficult to find Quakers because we are not in Quaker Breeding Season but ...

$390.00 Each Quick View

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