Birds for Sale

Black Headed Caique


these birds are known for being a super clown and super trainable to learn tricks., You can throw out your tv set as far as they are concerned They ...

$975.00 Quick View

Blue Crown Conure

BirdWalk, OH - No Shipping

baby Blue Crown Conures

$700.00 Each Quick View

Hybrid Macaw

BirdWalk, OH - No Shipping

one Baby Catalina Macaw left

$2,500.00 Each Quick View Just Updated

Brown Throat Conure

Green Parrot Superstore, MI We Ship

We have one little brown throat baby, just weaned and very snuggly! Call 810.636.9120 for more information.

$475.00 Quick View

Hahns Macaw

Joyful Feathers Parrot Place, OH We Ship

Want a bird with a macaw's personality but don't have room for a big parrot? Hahn's Macaws make excellent pets and their mini size makes them more man...

$1,199.00 Each Quick View


Heavenly Feathers, NC We Ship

Normal face . 1 Grey and 3 Pastel Face Cinnamon. They are being hand fed. Price $100.00 for Grey and $125.00 for Cinnamon. Price depends on color ...

$100.00 Each Quick View

Cherry Head Conure


handfed babies. We pull our babies at 10 days of age taking deposit now.

$900.00 Quick View

Peach Face Lovebird

Lily's Love 4 Parrots, PA We Ship

Selling seven pairs of lovebirds. Please message me if interested!

$125.00 Each Quick View

Mitred Conure

West Coast Birds, CA We Ship

Beautiful handfed & social Mitred Conure hatched 10/2016. This little guy is a bundle of fun, loves to hang out with everyone & is already says peekab...

$800.00 Each Quick View


The Nesting Place, SC We Ship

Young canaries for sale

$125.00 Each Quick View

Lady Gouldian Finch

The Nesting Place, SC We Ship

We have young gouldian and owl finches for sale

$125.00 Each Quick View

Goffin Cockatoo

Eggs-otic Parroting, CA We Ship

This is a Goffin's/Bare-eyed cockatoo hybrid. All the curiosity of a Goffin's and the IQ of a Bare-eyed. We normally don't have hybrid babies but it's...

$1,400.00 Each Quick View