Birds for Sale

Rosella Mealy Parakeet

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder, CA We Ship

SPECIAL PRICE.......AKA blue mealy rosella, 2014 hatched, DNA'd breeder prs.

$400.00 Pair Quick View New

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

Lone Palm Aviary, FL We Ship

Gorgeous Red Tail Black Cockatoo baby... believed to be a little girl. DNA pending. She is working on weaning. Will be ready to come home soon. Please...

$17,500.00 Each Quick View New

Yellow Naped Amazon

Lone Palm Aviary, FL We Ship

Egglaying pair Yellow Nape Amazons... hen lays eggs but they've just not figured it out yet. Appx age is unknown. Both birds are in good feather. Thes...

$1,000.00 Pair Quick View New

African Grey Timneh Parrot

Lone Palm Aviary, FL We Ship

Timneh Grey hen... She is around 8 years old. Was hand fed but is no longer tame. She has laid eggs but does not have a male. She is in perfect feathe...

$800.00 Each Quick View New

Ringneck Indian Parakeet

DJ Feathers Aviary, VA We Ship

Beautiful Indian Ringneck hatched on 3/27/14. She was handed but has become a bit on the wild side over the last several months. Needs someone who has...

$300.00 Each Quick View New

Solomon Island Eclectus

DJ Feathers Aviary, VA We Ship

2 Female Solomon Island Eclectus born on 6/8/14 and 6/10/14 Polyoma vaccinated.

$1,250.00 Each Quick View New

Severe Macaw

DJ Feathers Aviary, VA We Ship

Skye and Sophia are a bonded & proven (by previous owner) pair of Severe Macaws. Between 10 and 12 years old. These two are not tame but make great br...

$1,200.00 Pair Quick View New

Severe Macaw

DJ Feathers Aviary, VA We Ship

Bonded pair....both DNA sexed. Abbey (the female) was hatched on 9-9-10 and Mickey (the male) was hatched on 6-11-11. Both were handfed by me. Abbey d...

$1,400.00 Pair Quick View New

Green Cheek Conure

Linville's Aviary, FL We Ship

PINEAPPLE GREEN CHEEK - Being hand fed at this time - Weaned $200 - Deposit of $50 will hold bird till weaned and ready to be shipped or picked up - S...

$200.00 Each Quick View New

Hybrid Macaw

Best Birds Aviary, FL We Ship

Harlequin macaw baby for sale. This is a Hybrid between Blue and Gold Macaw to and Green Wing Macaw. They are stunning birds. hey make wonderful, fu...

$1,650.00 Quick View New

Quaker Parrot

Friendly Bird Aviary, FL We Ship

Two Green Pallid Quakers split to DE Yellow for sale. One born April 2014 ($600) and one born July 2014 ($500). DNAed males. Large size and perfect fe...

$500.00 Quick View New

Celestial (Pacific) Parrotlet

Friendly Bird Aviary, FL We Ship

One Dilute Turquoise Pied Male Baby Parrotlet for sale. Just weaned and ready to bond. Just super sweet and beautiful. Pictures can't do justice to hi...

$500.00 Quick View New