Peach Face Lovebirds for Sale

Peach Face Lovebird

World of Birds, NJ We Ship

Hand feeding adorable White Face babies. Seagreen, Creamino, Violet Pieds and Olive available. Please call for price and info. 908-879-2291

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Peach Face Lovebird

In A Pickle Parrots, OH We Ship

Peachface Lovebird Baby. Weaned in early April. Violet Opaline (Band 2398, Female, hatched 2/4). Visits are welcomed and encouraged. For more informa...

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Peach Face Lovebird

Tail Feathers, IL We Ship

very colorful and beautiful coloring

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Peach Face Lovebird

Lovebird friends , ME - No Shipping

Lutino and green peached faced lovebirds babies.

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Common Names

Peach Face Lovebird

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