Lineolated Parakeets for Sale

Lineolated Parakeet

Pet Paradise, OH We Ship


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Lineolated Parakeet

The Bird Lady, TX We Ship

Sweet pair of Linnies. I will not separate these two. They've been pets and have had two clutches when set up with nestbox. They do not breed if not...

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Lineolated Parakeet

SpringOak, TX We Ship

Handfed Turquoise grey wing Lineolated parakeet almost weaned, only chick a lot of attention. Sold

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Lineolated Parakeet

Bill's Birds At Lake Norman, NC We Ship

Greens, cobalts and turquoise, just weaned. Greens 100.00, turquoise and cobalts 150.00.

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Lineolated Parakeet

In A Pickle Parrots, OH We Ship

Turquoise Lineolated Parakeet Baby, DNA sexed Female. Band #1602. Call us at (440)627-6477 for more details. This baby is currently handfeeding! Accep...

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Common Names

Lineolated Parakeet

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