Lories and Lorikeets for Sale

Rainbow Lories

Feathered Companions, MD We Ship

We have 2 DNA tested males that are weaned and ready to come home. Please call or email with any questions. On special from $595. Shipping is availabl...

$395.00 Each Quick View

Swainsons Lories

Toucan Jungle, CA We Ship

Rainbow Lorikeets, Both pre-owed pets put together in December 2014 Male talks often, were both tame, should make great breeders once they are offere...

$850.00 Pair Quick View

Swainsons Lories

In A Pickle Parrots, OH We Ship

Swainson's Blue Mountain Rainbow Lorikeet Baby, DNA sexed female! (Band #3400) Weaned and ready for it's new home. Email us through this website (or t...

$649.00 Quick View

Rainbow Lories

Ara Aviaries California, CA We Ship

Pulling Swainsons rainbow lories from the nest today. Pictured is an earlier baby this year.

$450.00 Quick View

Rainbow Lories

Avian Events, LLC, GA We Ship

Hybrid lory. Weaning off. Very sweet.

$750.00 Quick View