Birds for Sale

Quaker Parrot

H Luis, FL We Ship

We are also a verifiable member in good standing with Pay Pal. Note: what makes us different / better than our competition. Especially our low price...

$275.00 Each Quick View

Quaker Parrot

H Luis, FL We Ship

LUTINOS. --- LUTINO.S --- QUALITY BABY QUAKERS —�- AND BREEDERS...! Lutino (Yellow) Quakers. See our VERY TAME Baby Quakers and Breeders. Bre...

$500.00 Each Quick View


Toucan Jungle, CA We Ship

Toco Toucans 2017 sweet hatch Hand fed babies many bloodlines so we can make unrelated pairs if desired. Babies shipped usually about 2 weeks after...

$10,500.00 Each Quick View

Quaker Parrot

H Luis, FL We Ship

Cheek Conures very Friendly and Tame... SUPER FRIENDLY...!!!...! Cheek Conures. 1 Pineapple - $180 1 Turquoise - $180 Sorry we have to begin...

$225.00 Each Quick View

Blue Headed Pionus

Sissy's bird colony LLC, VA We Ship

Hand raised Blue Headed Pionus is just about weaned and ready to go to a new home. The blue color is coming in nicely on the birds head. Sweet bird th...

$885.00 Each Quick View

Fischers Lovebird

The Feather Farm, CA We Ship

we have young handfed standard fishers and slate blue for 125.00. white and blue/violet for 150.00 update 08/26/17 only 2 left, powder blue with whit...

$150.00 Each Quick View

Senegal Poicephalus

The Feather Farm, CA We Ship

we have 2 females available

$650.00 Each Quick View

Jenday Conure

Above the Rainbow Aviary, WV We Ship

**only 2 available now. Sexed by Dr. Scott on 9/29/17, all three are FEMALES. These girls were parent fed and parent weaned to be future breeders. ...

$300.00 Each Quick View

Green Cheek Conure

Above the Rainbow Aviary, WV We Ship

1 Cinnamon female $250, 2 Pineapple females $275 each. Can also make unrelated pairs. Nationwide shipping available via United Airlines for $135. ...

$250.00 Each Quick View

Solomon Island Eclectus

Eggs-otic Parroting, CA We Ship

The bright & talkative Eclectus have arrived! Easy going, usually quiet and beautiful to look at.Two hatched this week and are available for adoption....

$1,400.00 Each Quick View

Ringneck Indian Parakeet

D and R Aviary, IA We Ship

2017 Jan. and Feb. Hatch NOT TAME BREEDERS Hens Dna papers Blue split Clear head Clear tail $350 Gray Green American Dom. pied split blue $275

$275.00 Each Quick View

Greater Vasa

Birds By Joe LLC, NJ We Ship

Super sweet bird. Steps up to everyone. one year old . not DNA tested.

$2,300.00 Each Quick View Just Updated