Red Sided Eclectus for Sale

Red Sided Eclectus

Tweety Bird Aviary, AL We Ship

Absolutely beautiful little girl.

$1,000.00 Each Quick View

Red Sided Eclectus

SpringOak, TX We Ship

Huggable Sweet Big Green Baby will be weaned in about two weeks

$1,200.00 Quick View

Red Sided Eclectus

Yvonne's Parrot Palace, OR We Ship

New Babies have arrived. These babies will be sweet and pet quality. Deposits being accepted now either through PayPal or money Order from USPS. Shipp...

$1,200.00 Each Quick View

Red Sided Eclectus

Birdie Brains Aviary, VA We Ship

This is a little female Red Sided Ekkie. She is a soft ball of black fuzz at this point, and has approximately 2 red feathers popping out of the top o...

$1,100.00 Each Quick View

Red Sided Eclectus


Red Sided Electus, female, gentle, cuddly baby, beautiful feathers, steps up, eats wonderful, a great companion bird. Available now.

$1,250.00 Quick View
Common Names

Red Sided Eclectus

Scientific Name