Birds for Sale

Ringneck Indian Parakeet

D and R Aviary, IA We Ship

2017 Jan. and Feb. Hatch NOT TAME BREEDERS Hens Dna papers Blue split Clear head Clear tail $350 Gray Green American Dom. pied split blue $275

$275.00 Each Quick View

Greater Vasa

Birds By Joe LLC, NJ We Ship

Super sweet bird. Steps up to everyone. one year old . not DNA tested.

$2,300.00 Each Quick View

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

AB-Aviary, TX We Ship

a beautiful Adult male Major Mitchell Cockatoo available. the bird is not tame. but has a great personality. He says what are you doing. With its so...

$3,500.00 Quick View

Celestial (Pacific) Parrotlet

AB-Aviary, TX We Ship

Our parent raised and adult variety of parrotlets are energetic, colorful and good natured. They are weaned onto a diet of seed mix and fresh fruit/ve...

$100.00 Each Quick View

Rose Breasted Cockatoo

AB-Aviary, TX We Ship

Price is for the pair. Beautiful Rose breasted cockatoo breeder pair available. The rose-breasted cockatoo, also known as the Galah cockatoo is a beau...

$2,300.00 Quick View

Green Cheek Conure

AB-Aviary, TX We Ship

Our Normal Green Cheek Babies will be hand-fed and tame, will be ready for their new home at the end of October. All our babies are well socialized,...

$250.00 Quick View

Peach Front Conure

Lily's Love 4 Parrots, PA We Ship

These beautiful, friendly and downright sweet babies are available. These babies are super gentle. They have an excellent potential to learn to mimick...

$375.00 Each Quick View

Quaker Parrot

H Luis, FL We Ship

Turquoise Opaline Quaker Baby's... TAME is our specialty. We do not increase our price because we hand feed for 4 to 5 weeks each one. Turquoise Opa...

$850.00 Quick View

Quaker Parrot

H Luis, FL We Ship

Breeders Sell Out Prices For All Our Proven Pairs and All Our Tame Baby’s. Sell Out. Lutino (yellow) Quaker Baby's: Males - $550. Females - $500...

$500.00 Quick View

Lineolated Parakeet

Missy's Birds, CA We Ship

Linnies on eggs now........

$300.00 Quick View Just Updated

Red Front Macaw

Birds 4 Sale, OR We Ship

DNA Healthy Year old Female name Peaches. Birth date July 14, 2016. She is simi tame. She can be a pet or a future breeder. We ship anywhere in t...

$1,295.00 Each Quick View Just Updated

Peach Front Conure

AJ'S Feathered Friends, IL We Ship

Super sweet and cute Peach Front Conures will be ready for a new home in about 3 weeks :) Check out our Facebook and website to see what we're about :...

$500.00 Quick View