Ringneck Indian Parakeets for Sale

Ringneck Indian Parakeet

D and R Aviary, IA We Ship

3 hatched 4 days old will pull to hand feed colors at 10-15 days colors could be Violet,Blue,Turq. Clear head clear tail visual or Splits in Violet, B...

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Ringneck Indian Parakeet

Pet Paradise, OH We Ship

Unique color! Friendly little bird that needs a home to spoil it rotten! DNA sexed female.

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Ringneck Indian Parakeet


Indian ringneck hand raised spoiled raised in our home. Green, blues, lutinos grey, violet, turquoise, turquoise, olives and occasional lacewings and ...

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Ringneck Indian Parakeet

The Parrot's Nest , KY We Ship

SALE 4 BABIES STILL AVAILABLE ..... CLEAR TAIL LACE WINGS, Gorgeous Babies, weaned to a diet of roudybush pellets, fresh fruits and veggies. For pictu...

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Ringneck Indian Parakeet

Avian Events, LLC, GA We Ship

grey IRNs . Weaned

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Common Names

Ringneck Indian Parakeet

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