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Celestial (Pacific) Parrotlet

Fly Babies Aviary, FL We Ship

Don't Wait 6 Weeks for your Bird to Ship! --- FREE Next Day Shipping -- This is a completely tame baby parrotlet. Kisses and snuggles, plus rides arou...

$349.00 Quick View

Celestial (Pacific) Parrotlet

Just Birdz, FL We Ship

Albino clutchmates , one male, two females, HD March 2017 Shipping addt'l $120

$250.00 Each Quick View

Double Yellow Head Amazon

Parrots of the World, NY We Ship

4 month old double yellow headed amazon.

$2,500.00 Quick View

Scarlet Macaw

Parrots of the World, NY We Ship

Pure bred baby scarlet macaws

$3,000.00 Quick View

Solomon Island Eclectus


Beautiful Eclectus female baby now handfeeding! Eclectus are not only the most gorgeous parrots in the world, they're great talkers AND they stay gen...

$1,200.00 Each Quick View

Green Cheek Conure

D and R Aviary, IA We Ship

REDUCED! Rare American diliute Proven Breeding Pair. Proven for my good friend, I am listing them for her, as she's moving out of state and cannot tak...

$1,999.00 Quick View

Hybrid Macaw

The Parrot's Nest , KY We Ship

Harlequin baby available for deposit this baby will be weaned to Harrison pellets fresh fruit veggies grains pasta and whole nuts in-shell. Please vis...

$2,200.00 Quick View

Canary, WA We Ship


$94.99 Each Quick View

Green Cheek Conure

Above the Rainbow Aviary, WV We Ship

** Just one pineapple left. DNA pending. 2 Pineapple and 3 Yellowsided Green Cheek babies available for deposit. These babies will be weaned and read...

$275.00 Each Quick View

Crimson Bellied Conure

Above the Rainbow Aviary, WV We Ship

DNA pending on one parent fed/parent weaned Crimson Bellied conure. Great opportunity to pair as a future breeder. Shipping available via United air...

$425.00 Each Quick View

Yellow Shouldered Amazon

The Parrot's Nest , KY We Ship

just weaned and ready to go, adorable baby yellow shoulders, one male and one female available being weaned to Harrison and roudybush pellets, tropimi...

$1,400.00 Each Quick View

Blue Throat (Caninde) Macaw

WestBranchAviary, TN We Ship

Two Blue Throated Macaw babies available. I’m taking deposits now to reserve one of these very rare babies

$3,500.00 Each Quick View

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