Black Mask Lovebirds for Sale

Black Mask Lovebird

The Feather Farm, CA We Ship

lutino peach faced -65.00 and black masked-75.00 not tame *NO SHIPPING on baby birds or birds under $1000.00*

$75.00 Quick View

Black Mask Lovebird

Feathered Companions, MD We Ship

We have two weaned and ready to go home grey black masked lovebirds. They were hand fed. Can be skittish around new people but not nippy. Shipping is ...

$125.00 Each Quick View

Black Mask Lovebird

Love at First Flight, ND We Ship

We have a violet pied black mask for sale. This bird is around 2 years old and is NOT tame. Gender is unknown.

$100.00 Each Quick View

Black Mask Lovebird

Homegrown Birds, CA - No Shipping

This brother and sister are Dilute blue color mutations of the Cobalt Blue Black Mask lovebird. They have been waiting for new forever homes for awhi...

$95.00 Each Quick View
Common Names

Black Mask Lovebird

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