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Picture Of The Week

Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Micro-Brood Aviary

Oak Park, IL 60302

Ratings based on a total of 8 reviews

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Customer Name: Paul
Oak Park, IL
I have a blue front amazon that I got from Microbrood about a year and a half ago. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, more intelligent bird. All Brians birds are weaned in his home and he allows and encourages weekend visits until they are ready to go home. We BOTH still love going back some weekends to visit and stay socialized!
Customer Name: Paul
Oak Park, IL
I have a beautiful sweet, smart Blue front amazon from Brian. The babys are all raised and weaned iin his home with lots of socialization. I also have a 12 yr old double yellow head that he helped place for a fellow breeder. It's all about the birds. Not just about the money. If I had three thimbs they would all be up!
Customer Name: Mary
Houston, Texas
I just received my precious 6 month old Buff-wing (or Calfons - Green Wing / Buffons cross) girl a few days ago. Brian is awesome, like everybody says. I felt 100% comfortable buying a bird from him long distance. "Maleka" came off the plane like she'd just been on a little trip down the street! She said "hi!" and snuggled up to me immediately. I cannot speak highly enough. She's fat & healthy and in great feather. Well socialized indeed :) Love her! Thanks Brian! You ROCK!
Customer Name: Brandy
Chicago, Il
I had been looking for a reputable breeder for months when a friend recommended Brian based on his 3 previous experiences with him. I couldn't be happier with my sweet baby African Grey. She came home socialized, happy and well adjusted. She's got a beautiful appearance and demeanor. Brian is beyond phenomenal. He welcomed us into his home to meet our baby and play with her before taking her home. He has called multiple times to check on how we're doing and answer any questions. Beyond excellent
Customer Name: Sissy
I was overly impressed with Brian's knowledge and willingness to share it! His birds are healthy, gorgeous and so very friendly. Large Macaws always intimidated me until I met and handled Brian's birds. I cannot say enough good things about him and his aviary. I now have a beautiful, happy, well socialized White-Bellied Caique from Brian. Eventually we will add a Macaw to our flock (from Brian no doubt!). Thank you so much Brian!
Customer Name: Cathy
Des Plaines, Il
This past spring I got an African Grey from Brian. She is awesome . I never thought a bird could be so much fun ! Kamina is very well socialized and gets along great with everyone in the family . Brian is great and does a wonderful job with his birds. He is always happy to answer any and all of my questions . It was great getting to visit Kamina at his house until she was ready to come home . I will never get a bird from a breeder other than Brian .
Customer Name: Brian
Plainfield, IL
I've read through the reviews that have been written. The common thread is that Brian is an excellent person that has an excellent aviary! We had made many visits while our Blue and Gold was weening and Brian was always accommodating. He helped my wife's dream of having a B&G come true. What a absolutely GREAT experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives! (And, we ended up bringing home a Green Wing too!) We still visit with Brian from time to time and consider him a good friend!
Customer Name: Aric
Rock island, Illinois
Brian is better than the best. I purchased a blue and gold macaw and a blue front amazon from him. Both of these little guys came home very socialized and loving all because of Brian's handling and Saturday yard parties where all of the babies are given more attention than my first born child received! I put my name and reputation on Brian when I say I will NEVER get a feathered friend from anyone else! Brian is simply amazing as are his birds!!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Breeder Reply:
Aric! What can I say.....You and your family ROCK!!! I so much looked foward to your Saturday visits and I hope many more in the future! You have such a great zeal for the birds and the babies and needless to say your great spirlt and personalty in general!!! You and your family are such a pleasure and just way to much fun to be around!!!! I know I have found life long friends within you guys and no dought my babies have the best home, care and lots of love!! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments and I look forward to spending much more time with you and your family!! P.S. Your parents are the BEST!!!